Sponsor Packet Sets

You are the brand you are selling, make sure it looks its best! 

    What better way to attract or thank new sponsors than with a great set of images. Whether looking to gain new sponsors or keep the ones you already have, nothing sells them on the idea more than exciting images of their investment in action showing off their brand to the audience. Without sponsors it is sometimes hard to compete in most sports due to the rising cost of of participation. These cost can range from equipment, fuel, travel, lodging, entry fees and so on. But if you can show the sponsors the value you can bring to them by putting their product out there in a positive and exiting place for the public to see, then they are will to assist with some of the cost you may incur.

     This is where I can be of assistance by providing the potential and existing sponsors with the images showing their money in action. With my photography experience and skills I do my best to capture images that will sell the brand, which is you, to the sponsors. In order to get the perfect images I work hand in hand with you to plan and each shoot, and remain flexible around the circumstances of the fast pace world of sports. Not only will I be there to get the shots, but I will be bringing my professional lighting in order to ensure we get the most dramatic and eye popping shots where possible. 


Shots offered but not limited to:

-  Action Shots! On the track, in the air, on the          field, or wherever the action takes places.

 - Leading Up Shots! Taxing on a runway, leaving       the pits, taking to the course or field.

 - Shots of crew or team members prepping the        subject for race or event.

 - Hero Shot! Dramatic portrait style shots of the      subject in gear and with equipment or vehicles.

 - Team photo on the field, course, or with the          vehicle.

 - Static shots of the vehicle making sure to show      sponsor logo and placement.

 - Air to Air shots available for aviation themes if      photo-ship is available for use at location.