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What started as an idea to shoot beautiful models with rusty and dusty old cars, soon became a series of photos that would become fan favorites. With the assistance of the great crew at Straight Edge Garage, we are working towards make this series come to life.

What separates this series from others that are out, is the desire to mix the modern with the vintage and the clean with the dirty. The outcome will be a series that has not been seen before and should capture the eyes of many different fan bases. 


Jessica Bertrand


Lou Montecino


Miss Spencer



Jackie Frost







Location: The sets are being shot at the Straight Edge Garage Compound. This location offers a large boneyard of old rusty vehicles, and is set on private land with no public access.


Wardrobe: The wardrobe for these sets will include two separate sets of lingerie with heels. The model can decide if she wants to shoot in modern or vintage lingerie, or even one of each. One set will be shot with black lingerie and the other with a color of the models choice. It is important that the lingerie be more than just a bra and panties. Items such as stockings and garter belts can add to the look to bring a little more flavor and classiness to the photos. 


Hair: The hair for all sets will be Pin Up inspired. No matter if it is modern or vintage lingerie, the Pin Up inspired hair will add extra to the look and help to tie everything together. I understand not all models can do Pin Up hair, and that is why Lou Montecino has offered to come on board as the official hair stylist for this project. Models are welcome to do their own hair if they are able, but if not we will arrange for Lou to come to the shoot and assist with the hair.


Make Up: For the make up, we just need a clean look. If can be a little more vixen inspired with a touch of pin up, but just needs to really pop and be clean. We do not want to over do the make up, but we do want it to be more eye catching than just soft natural. Think of what will be vibrant, really accent your face, and go with your wardrobe.


Current Project Status

We have Currently shot 2 sets at this time and have 3 more lined up for the month. The new logo that will accompany this series is under development by Vigil Designs, and all sets that are set will begin being released upon unveiling of the series logo.

Below are a couple Behind the scenes shots from the set so far. As well as a shot for one of the sponsors of this series.