Anything For The Shot 


What started as a fun quote, then grew into a motto for Curtis Noble Photography, and has now become a group for like minded, driven individuals who share the passion and desire to do whatever it takes to create the art they love.



Anything For The Shot is an invite only group of like minded people involved in the model, photography and acting industry either in a professional or hobby capacity that share the same desire to learn, grow and push each other to succeed. Members range from full time professionals to hobbyist and anywhere in between. While most members are directly involved in the mentioned arts, others are involved in ways of providing locations, props, wardrobe or artistic contributions to the group. The group is based out of Bakersfield, CA, but has members from other areas that travel to work with members of the group at various locations or job opportunities. 



Member Requirements:

  • Model, Photography, Film or other related interest.
  • Continual growth in either professional or hobby goals.
  • Assist others in group when able to in order to push each other to grow and reach goals.
  • (Other members include those who support in ways or providing sets, props and locations, or support in artistic design, wardrobe and other needs).


Goals/ Purpose:

  • Network with others.
  • Support and share others work.
  • Share opportunities for growth or work.
  • Assist others in projects and growth.
  • Highlight each persons skills and assets for potential job opportunities. 


Ways members help each other:

  • Posing 
  • Hair and Make Up
  • Locating or Making Wardrobe
  • Experimenting on shots
  • Lighting and Composition
  • Positive critiquing of work
  • Locations and props
  • Experienced Photographer/Models mentoring beginners 
  • Sharing or using the group to recruit for job opportunities 


In general help each other to achieve goals and put out awesome work!